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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Squeal...and a Sigh.

SO. Got the proof copy today. I have never been so excited, and I've told everyone I know that I now have the proof copy...which means I'll soon have a REAL copy in hand. ... Then I cracked it open, and low and behold, the pagination is off, the chapter headings occasionally start on the left-hand page, and I even found a typo.

No problem, right?

Except that I'm so excited, I would give anything just to release the book RIGHT NOW.

Can't do it. As desperate as I am to release it to the world, I'm a) a perfectionist, and b) a perfectionist. (I know I already said that, but that's just how much of a perfectionist I am!) A friend of mine also made the point that you only get one chance to make a first impression. No glitches, no errors, no mistakes; I want this puppy to be the best it can be, even if that means a (very, very, very painful) delay, and even if it means I have to summon every last ounce of patience and willpower to wait.

Because, really, who wants a page number on their title page?

Keep your fingers crossed that I can push this through with all haste and due diligence. It's nearly impossible to explain how disappointed I am that I can't just release the book to Amazon right this minute, or how fearful I am that I might find another error in the next proof copy. Such is life, though, right? Better get my rear end up to my "work" computer and buckle down! Wish me luck!

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