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Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Top 5 Disturbing Movies

I did my top 10 films...but absolutely had to follow it up with my top 5 most-disturbing flicks.  Because there are some doozies out there.  BIG ones.  Unless you would like to be severely creeped out and remember the horrible images, concepts, and lines from these films, I recommend avoiding them...forever.
  1. The Graduate - Yes, the one with Mrs. Robinson.  It's not creepy as much as AWFUL and EARTH-SHATTERING and TRAIN WRECK PAINFUL, but, well, there you have it.  22 year-old has affair with boss's narcissistic, demanding older wife, falls for boss's daughter, life falls apart for everyone, and he rides in at the last minute on the daughter's wedding day to "save her" from her marriage and her mother.  Final scene is in the back of a bus, her in her wedding dress, him in regular clothes, sitting next to each other but not touching, both looking half-dead and wondering what they were thinking.  UGH.
  2. Match Point - I don't care how good-looking you think Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is, you will never ever ever want to see him in anything ever again.  Guy pretends to be what he's not to marry well, meets nice, VERY wealthy girl who falls for him and naughty, sexy OTHER girl who he beds down with.  Girl two wants to interfere with his plans for girl he kills her.  Final scene is him holding his newborn babe hearing about girl two's death...and getting away with her murder.
  3. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - Audrey Tautou is adorable...except in this movie.  First half of the movie is her desperate love-affair with a married man who refuses to leave his wife so she tries to commit suicide.  Second half takes us back to the beginning...from his side of the story.  Turns out he's actually never met her, and she's crazy and obsessed and has murdered someone "for his sake".  Final scenes include her trying to kill HIM by smashing in his skull, his YEARS of therapy to learn to walk, talk, and function again, her being committed and released YEARS later, where right after she walks out, the janitor finds a wall mural of him made from all over her pills behind a bureau.
  4. Requiem for a Dream - All I can say is, if this were shown to teens instead of other anti-drug stuff, NO ONE would EVER do drugs.  Four people are addicts:  each spirals downward in his horrible, horrible, horrible depiction of the lives of drug users.  You can almost feel the needle in your veins every time one of them shoots up in the movie.  I almost puked.
  5. The Machinist - Just plain disturbing.  About a guy who hasn't slept in, like, YEARS, and can't figure out why.  Turns out he's torturing himself for a blocked memory of accidentally hitting and killing a kid with his fancy car.  He weighs next to nothing and looks like a concentration camp refugee.  Oh, and "he" is Christian Bale.  He lost so much weight for the film it nearly killed him.  He ultimately remembers what happened and offers himself up to the police to pay for his mentally blocked hit-and-run, and the final scene is of him finally falling jail.  Terribly sad and sick, but it's the image of his ribcage in the mirror that remains burned into my brain.
I realize there are lots and lots of horrendous, disturbing films out there, but the point is I didn't expect what I got with these puppies.  If you're going to watch Clockwork Orange, you know what you're in for.  If you're watching Woody Allen's Match Point with Rhys-Meyers, you're not expecting brutal murder and then baby snuggles.  SUPER-gross.

Anything I'm missing on this list (that I'm not really missing in actuality)?

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