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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's 4:20 Right Now...

When you have fibromyalgia, people come out of the woodwork with it, or so I've found.  I had no clue that anyone I know had it other than my mother, but in the last couple months since I was diagnosed, I've learned of no fewer than half a dozen people I know WELL who have it, too.

Most of them are on Cymbalta.  One of them uses medical marijuana.  I laughed.  "Of course it makes you feel better," I thought to myself.  "You're so high you don't care that you're hurting."  You know, sort of like you feel when you take a vicodin or, well, any pain killer.  It either knocks you out so you're not conscious of ANYTHING, or it drugs you up so much that even though your body hurts, you just don't care.

Not so, apparently.  My friend uses something called a tincture - a glycerin suspension of the THC - and holds it under her tongue for a minute or two at bedtime...and then sleeps well (something I haven't done in YEARS) and wakes up without pain (also something I haven't done in YEARS).  Apparently the body actually has THC receptors built-in; some people claim that humans have a symbiotic relationship with cannabis the same way koalas do with eucalyptus.  Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, but when something is off and we have a deficiency, we have to supplement with cannbinoids...from cannabis.

Yes, I'm skeptical, but here's a chickie a few years older than I am who a) is Mormon (and her bishop is fine with her prescription!) b) doesn't get high - she uses a liquid form instead of smoking and c) has more energy than I remember having as a teenager.  Plus she can flip a pan full of stir fry without dropping it when her wrist screams at the top of its nerves...something I can no longer accomplish.  And I would kill for that.

Soooooooo, I'm debating.  Prescription pot, or $3k every year on a drug with side-effects ranging from dry mouth and headaches to coma and death.  Hmmm.  Anyone care to opine?

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