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Friday, February 11, 2011

DeviantArt: OMG!

Spent quite some time perusing the other day.

If you are interested in art - everything from photography to sketching to fractals, videos, writing, photo manipulation, painting, anime, and back again - and like to peruse the works of young up-and-comers, I HIGHLY suggest you do.  And while you're at it, register on the site; it's free, you don't ever get spammed, and it allows you to "favorite" your favorites, comment on them, and build relationships with amazingly gifted people.

Plus, you can purchase prints and paintings on the site for a tenth of what you might be required to fork over from some other big-name artist whose popular works don't speak to you quite the same way as some of these newcomers to the art world.

Yes, you occasionally have to be wary, depending on your taste:  because it's for "deviants" - the collective title of those artists who submit their work to the site - you often run into the macabre, the nude, and the tasteless.  (None but the tasteless bother me thanks to my fascination with all things theatrical, but very few people are as "unoffendable", I realize; just make sure when you set up your account, if you prefer a slightly censored site, to leave the "mature content" filter ON.)  That said, much of what you do find is STUNNING.  BREATHTAKING.  JAW-DROPPING.

This, people, is why I'm allowing DA to create, vote on, and select my book cover art for me.  They ooze talent, are eager, fresh artists, and are only waiting to be discovered.

Oh, and most of them love commissions!  Truly, check them out; I think you'll find you won't be disappointed.  I'm certainly not!

(Just to credit the artists:  Love & Double Happiness - troycarney; Looking for My Soul - JtotheOtotheE; Autumn - Darkfitoplancta; Singularity - Metaphysicalbeing; and War Angel - Rickbw1.  A tiny little cross-section for you!)

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  1. Great post. I really like that wave painting, wink, wink. I've been a member of Deviant art for years and love browsing the amazing works on there.


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