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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Top 5 TV Shows

While we're on viewable items, I thought I'd hit up the television category.  Keep in mind, we no longer actually HAVE broadcast television...or cable or dish or directv television.  We have Netflix.  We watch movies, and the occasional tv series ON Netflix, but that's all, so if I sound old-school, well, that's why.  That's also why I can only come up with my top FIVE tv they are:
  1. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - HOLY AMAZING.  It's everything I could ever want in an adventure series.  I've always loved Indy anyway, and as a young guy, well, Sean Patrick Flannery is hothothot, and Harrison Ford is hothothot, so they made a happy tv/movie team for me.  But it wasn't about me being a hormonal youth obsessed with was the storyline of each episode.  They were brilliant.  The plots were always fast-paced and fun, but they wove REAL history into each one, so you learned something as you were amazingly entertained.  Rent them.  Yesterday.
  2. M*A*S*H - God bless the 4077th.  I could watch that show - I HAVE watched that show - all day long, and all by itself.  I laughed, I wept, I chuckled, giggled, sobbed, THAT was real television.  Heartstrings TV.  11 seasons, lasting longer than the actual Korean War.  It, too, teaches something:  empathy.  If you watch nothing but the final season, a) it will suck you in and make you want to watch all the others, and b) you will be dazzled.
  3. 24 - We actually missed the ball drop on New Year's Eve 18 months after we were married because we were halfway through the final episode of the first season (on dvd) and could not bear to turn it off for a stupid ball drop when Jack was on the verge of respite.  If you've never seen 24, definitely start with the first season.  The ending of the first season managed what no one ever had to that point in broadcast television.  I can't tell you what it was, but I CAN tell you that you'll be hooked by halfway through the first episode, and you'll watch them one after the other to the exclusion of all else.
  4. LOST - The first season is amazing.  The second season leaves you scratching your head.  The third and fourth only serve to confuse you further, but you're in so deep at that point that you just keep hanging on looking for answers.  The show is BRILLIANT.  The cast becomes family...even the crappy people.  I've heard cracks that the name of the show - "lost" - is how we describe the viewers by the end of season one, and it's true...but in all the right ways.
  5. Good Eats - Yes, a Food Network show.  No, seriously.  Alton Brown blends science and food to teach viewers THE best ways to prepare, oh, pretty much EVERYTHING.  Your scrambled eggs suck?  Watch the Egg episode.  I've made PERFECT scrambled eggs since I saw it.  Hate eggplant?  You'll be delighted to find out in the Eggplant episode that it had virtually NO nutritional value.  Love donuts?  He'll teach you to make your own...perfectly...every time.  Oh, and he makes you laugh.  Not HAHA funny, but dry, witty, English funny...and he's not English.  The show is genius, and you walk away a more capable, competent home cook.  Buy the series.  Your family will think you went to cooking school.  Seriously. ;)
Anything I need to run out and rent?  Let me hear it!!!

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