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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cupcake & Oreo...2 weeks later!

Quick update on the cutest part of our family - no, not the kids, though they're pretty dang cute! - Cupcake and Oreo are now 3 weeks old and are nearing adolescence!  Amazingly, we'll be able to let them play outdoors (as long as the weather is warm enough, we keep a vigilant eye trained on them, and they are enclosed in some sort of secure run) mid-next-week.  I get the feeling they're going to love scratching around in the dirt and pecking at the bugs and giant weed field in our back yard, so I'm excited to take them out for a stroll around that rock pile that is our property.

Hubby's been assigned to build a coop...and they get to move in around 5 or 6 weeks of age!  Technically they are considered fully-grown between 6 & 8 weeks (this breed, anyway), but again, we won't be getting eggs until they've reached full-fledged sexual maturity around 6 - 8 MONTHS of age.  Cest la vie.

Do me a favor and scroll down from the photos here to the photos of how they looked only two weeks ago.  Amazing how quickly they grow!  Most of their wing feathers are in now, as are many, many chest feathers, and their beaks are elongating and combs are coming in.  We're fairly certain they're girls, so we won't have to go dispatching and eating them any time soon (if I'm being honest, that's a relief to me!), but the girls DO get combs.  Check out the photo of what they're GOING to look like in a month or two.

Anyway, in summary, they're uber-easy to care for, I clean out their lawn mower box - yes, it really is! - every two days and change their water once or twice daily, and just make sure they have a steady supply of food.  That's...IT.  Love these critters...enough to eat.  More soon from Oreo & Cupcake!

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