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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CRAZY Imagination

Chatting with my husband the other night after I wrote about sobbing over a Sting song, I realized something:  I have an insanely crazy imagination.  (Yes, I know insane and crazy are the same thing; I'm just trying to emphasize the point that my imagination is NUTS.)

See, I asked Hubby if he ever daydreams.  He has an hour-each-way commute 5 days a week, so I assumed he must have all sorts of random thoughts on the road with 10 hours a week to himself.  What does he think about?  How to solve life's problems.  Daydreams?  Nope.  None.  Too busy with other thoughts.  Important thoughts.  Meaningful thoughts about how to be a better employee, provider, father, and husband.

When I have time to myself to think, I don't just daydream, I get LOST in my daydreams.  It's almost like I'm living a completely different life inside my head.  A few of them, really.

Years ago I was determined to find the 5th Harry Potter book SOMEWHERE online before it came out in the stores.  I figured my hack-abilities would find me a copy, and I'd be the first person I knew to have read it.  I searched and searched and finally, SUCCESS!  I got a couple chapters in and...OMG, what is going on?!  It was a GROWN UP BOOK!!!  Suddenly the teenagers in Harry Potter were acting like...teenagers!  I was a little shocked, but completely engrossed.  I read all 500 + pages in a day and a half, and the book was PHENOMENAL.  ...  And then the book came out, and I discovered I hadn't read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I'd read Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent...a novel-length book written by a woman named Barb who writes in JK Rowling's style...and wrote a trilogy.  Yes, she wrote book 5, 6, & 7 to complete Rowling's series, and I have a confession (being an adult, I can confess this...):  I liked Barb's 5/6/7 BETTER.  I read 6 & 7 within a week, and they were fan-frickin'-tabulous.

That was my introduction to fanfiction.  Then came fictionalley, and for those with a more naughty streak, therestrictedsection, and I had discovered this HUGE base of fans who write their own stories, novels, and tales based on the things they love most.  Twilight has a massive fanfiction following, you can imagine, as do Star Wars, the X Files, Heroes, Dexter, and hundreds of other books, movies, and tv shows.  I'm sure it started much, much earlier, but fanfiction is generally credited as originating from the Star Trek series, where some of the episodes were actually written by Trekkers, submitted to Roddenberry, and made into television.  Women were swooning over Bill Shatner, fantasizing about getting it on with Vulcans and Klingons, and writing and circulating twisted tales of their imaginary Star Trek escapades.

And suddenly I didn't feel so crazy, my imagination being as intense and unpredictable as it is.  I didn't feel quite NORMAL, per se, but I at least felt like I wasn't so alone in my nutiness.

I have to remind myself of that every so often.  Like when I'm sitting in the car - at my current age and stage in life - having a conversation with an invisible super hero.  Or when I'm tempted to engage in swordplay with Captain Hook while I'm in the bathtub.  (I can't believe I even just typed that!)  It could be worse; I could be imagining I was...well, if you can imagine it, the people over at therestrictedsection have imagined it long before you ever got there!  (HOLY COW!!!  Approach that site with caution!)

Anyway, my crazy imagination has inspired my next book (post Unbound series), tentatively entitled [Alt]Life.  In fact, I had the idea for the book years ago (it started out as a screenplay), but I'm only now really threshing out the plotline...and it's going to have to wait a couple more years as I move forward with the Unbound series.  Cest la vie.  Point is, it's good to know that I'm not the only one with the crazy imagination, and I'm guessing for some of you reading this, you're feeling a little less alone right now, too.  We're in the same boat, so to speak...except it's the Jolly Roger and I stole it from Captain Hook so we could stop to pick up Peter from Mermaid Lagoon.  Drink up, me hearties, because this particular daydream has us off to Neverland.  Cheers.

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