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Monday, March 21, 2011

And for My Next Trick...

Hi, all you Disney-loving SAHMs!  I've been planning for AGES to do a photo-based coffee table book, and I NEED YOUR HELP!  I need photos of YOUR kids:  any age, any gender, any race, religion, or creed.  The catch?  They must be a) taken at or just outside of a Disney theme park, and b) in tears.  That's right, crying.  Sobbing.  Screaming.  Tear-streaked and unconscious.  Having an all-out tantrum.  Cursing the day they were born.  Tearing out their own hair at the sight of a giant voiceless mouse.


Trust me.  It's going to be AWESOME.  Your kids' names and personal information will not appear anywhere in the book (unless you're okay with me using their first name; if not their name will be changed).  It can be a photo from a decade ago, it can be from opening day at Disneyland, it can be next week when you drop in with your pass and your nap-missing child completely freaks out on the name it.  I'll take digital files, photos that need to be scanned, negatives, scrapbook pages, whatever you've got.  I just need munchkins melting down.  Weepers in Wonderland.  That sort of thing.

Email your photos to or contact me to for a physical mailing address at: 

I'd love to describe the book concept, but it's one giant awesome secret; contact me if you want additional details!  Can't wait to see your crying babes!


  1. Oh, I've got a perfect one for you. Will be emailing it as soon as I can wrestle the mouse out of my 8 yo's hands...

  2. Oh I will start my search....I hope I have the one when deliah lost her first tooth...that day was


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