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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And So It Begins...............

Yes, folks, I now have a writerblog.  It won't be JUST a writer's blog, of course, but for the moment, I'm all about WRITING.

Last weekend I attended the San Diego State University Writers' Conference, and WOW, what a FULL couple of days!  More on that later, but one of the things they stressed - in just about every session on every topic - was the need to be CONNECTED.

So here I am, getting connected!  For the basics - and the prologue of my manuscript, Haze Shade of Winter - please visit my website at  For all the random SAHM writer stuff I can think up, check back here...often.  Because this is not just a writerblog, it's a SAHM writerblog...only brutally honest. 


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